As small business owners, we agree it can be frustrating trying to figure out your telecom needs. Yet staying connected remains the single greatest priority for your businesses. J & B Communications stands ready to deal with it so you can focus on other things like running and growing your business...and making money. Whether you have a brick and mortar office or a network of "freelancers" nationwide, we can help you solve your communication challenges. Our expertise lies in helping you manage your internet, land line and mobile needs.

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Is there anything more frustrating than trying to get your work done and having unreliable or slow internet? No matter where you are, we will make sure you stay connected. Because, after all, the moment that next opportunity shows up, you need to be ready to jump on it.

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Land Line

In this world of satellite offices do you still need a land line? Probably. We have been around the block so we are able to tell you what you need and how it will work. So when your clients and customers say “jump”, you can say “how high”.

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Whether you are on vacation, with your family, or sitting at your desk, your cellphone is your lifeline. We know. Let us figure out if you are operating with the best equipment and service so your team is well equipped to grow and maintain your business… anywhere.​

Stop getting frustrated talking to your telecom providers.

J & B Communications understands their language and can interpret it so you get the services you need at the price you deserve. We know that small print adds up and we will navigate your bottom line.

For over six years, we have been saving businesses on average over 30% on their annual telecom costs. From multinational corporations to small independent companies, we are familiar with the plans offered and we will represent YOU to make sure you get the best deal .

What they are saying about us….

While working with Jonathan at Careerbuiler I was always impressed with Jonathan's ability to establish relationships with his clients from the small businesses up. He was extremely well informed but always knew where to go when an issue came up that he had never seen. I was impressed with his flexibility and passion for his position.

William Madden Business Analyst III

"Jonathan is an upbeat guy who relates well with people and understands old-fashioned networking as well as just plain work."

Kimbal Binder Network Security Manager ​